Whats new in PC’s of 2019


The PC industry is in an interesting place going into CES 2019, where it doesn’t look like any big seismic changes to the status quo will be showing up. Instead, this year, expect to see a lot of evolutionary changes: things like companies adopting Intel’s latest processors, Nvidia’s latest GPUs, and probably some increased competition from AMD on both of those fronts. And last year’s big trend — incredibly small bezels — should be out in force at this year’s show. That kind of change is emblematic of what to expect this year: refinements that make your computer nicer or better to use, not ones that make it a whole new kind of device.

While it still might be a little early, there’s a good chance that the laptop industry has caught 5G fever, too, and we may already start to see some of the first announcements of 5G-capable laptops to go along with the first wave of 5G phones that will likely be out this year.

That all said, there’s always room for some surprises, and we’ll have to wait until the show to see for sure.

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