Gaming experience of 2019


Over the years, gaming has steadily become one of the central focuses of CES. While the console industry has typically stayed away, choosing E3 for its big reveals, the annual Las Vegas conference has become home to all sorts of PC gaming announcements. It’s where we get to see the results of beefier graphics, conceptual and experimental PC designs, and ever-bigger and more beautiful 4K displays.

This year, we can expect Nvidia to set the stage with some news on the chip front — the rumor is RTX graphics for laptops — during its press conference on Sunday. Meanwhile, Acer, Alienware, Asus, Razer, and others will be sure to drop product news and potentially show off some fun, if not a bit ludicrous, new hardware designs. AMD will also be in attendance, likely with some chip news of its own to rival Nvidia. And now, with game streaming inching toward the limelight thanks to renewed interest from Google and Microsoft, we might see some news on the software front, too.

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